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Defender Filter

AQUA-TEKNIK was one of the first water treatment contractors in Europe to install Defender filters as an alternative mechanical filtration system, which is offering an extraordinary amount of operational savings, in particular savings of water, electricity and chemicals.

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Chlorine Electrolysis System

Since 1998, AQUA-TEKNIK has been distributor of Elclozid products, which are manufactured in Switzerland. Onsite production of chlorine for swimming facilities, only uses electricity and ordinary salt.

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Drum- and Disc Filtration

AQUA-TEKNIK is specialized in using this technology in connection with biological water treatment, which we use for facilities in the ZOO world. By using drum- or disc filters as pre-filtration in a biological system, with large amounts of organic material, this will be removed from the water in the first phase, since the organic material is collected on a 10 micron membrane and continuously is being flushed out.

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