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Company Profile

AQUA-TEKNIK A/S is specialized in water treatment and has ever since the company’s foundation in 1987 expanded its offerings to include both Development, Conceptual Design, Engineering as well as installation of Customized Water Treatment Systems, on basis the international Design and Build condition.

Due to a continuous product and market development, AQUA-TEKNIK has, during its nearly 30 years of existence, acquired an extensive knowledge of all related water treatment principles and the equipment, which is used in our multiple focus areas. Areas that are all described on this site.

AQUA-TEKNIK A/S has three subsidiaries: ACRYMATICS, AQUA-DUBAI GmbH. and AQUA-TEKNIK MIDDLE EAST. The subsidiaries deal with respectively delivery of large-scale acrylic panels and with various large projects in the Middle East.


AQUA-TEKNIK A/S was founded in 1987 in Esbjerg by the current CEO and owner, Kim Carlsen.
As the company-name indicates, the objective has, from the very beginning, been to work with all spectra of water treatment.

Swimming Pools were from day one the main focus area of the company. While the company had a department for service and new establishment of private water systems, the company soon developed another department that focused on public water systems.

In relation to service agreements with different Danish municipalities, that contained several public swimming baths in the respective area, AQUA-TEKNIK A/S acquired an expertise in terms of Operation, Maintenance and Service of water treatment systems.

Therefore, AQUA-TEKNIK A/S established the company’s own engineering and CAD Design office - already at the end of the 80’s, where the company started new establishment of public water treatment systems through competitive tendering.

As early as in 1990, AQUA-TEKNIK A/S already used the later on acknowledged ‘Partnering co-operation’, where the company established a formalized co-operation with an architect, a building/construction company as well as a client for the first Water Park projects.

At the same time AQUA-TEKNIK began also to work with biological water treatment principles, starting with the local Fisheries- and Marine Museum. Full-scale testings of various principles and a great variety of Zoo and aquarium projects over the past years, have made life support systems a focus area as well.

Lately, the areas “Acrylic Panels” as well as the “Offshore and Marine Sector” has joined the company’s wide palette of expertise.

In continuation of this extensive knowledge and expertise regarding all principles of water treatment, the chosen company name “AQUA-TEKNIK”, back in 1987, can be claimed to be highly appropriate.


Today, the management of AQUA-TEKNIK is still being carried out by the founder and owner of the company CEO, Mr. Kim Carlsen. Furthermore, the management of AQUA-TEKNIK subsidiaries is carried out in cooperation with the Export Director Mrs. Inge Carlsen.

We, at AQUA-TEKNIK aspire to deliver the absolutely highest quality standard in everything that we do.

We think big, wherefore we act correspondingly.

Our drive and motivation exist in our passion for what we do, and in the belief that we offer the best solutions for our customers.

Our work is based on a documented quality management system that is developed in relation to the ISO 9002 standard.

In extension of the fact that our daily operations involve an environmental aspect in terms of for instance savings of water and electricity, efficiency of cleaning methods and limitation of chemical consumption, our quality management system is supplemented with the topics Environment and Safety.


Credit Worthiness
AQUA-TEKNIK A/S holds the highest score possible in terms of Bisnode’s Credit Rating System.

Building Rating
Furthermore, AQUA-TEKNIK received a Performance Certificate with 4xA’s – the highest possible score, based on a new national rating system. The document is issued by the Danish Building Industry, and AQUA-TEKNIK received an A for each of the four areas of Time Management, Deficiencies, Safety and Satisfaction.