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In a close cooperation with architects, artists as well as public and private clients, AQUA-TEKNIK is involved in the very first phase of a project, where an idea is coming to life.

Our main role is to inspire the project group with the great variety of possibilities there are in all the exciting fields we work with.

Furthermore, it is our job to make sure that the final wishes can be technically fulfilled, and to bring to the table various solutions with focus on cost-effectiveness.

AQUA-TEKNIK is encouraging any project parties to involve us in the very early beginning of the project development phase, and gain from our experience in our line of various business areas.

AQUA-TEKNIK is considering our participation in the development phase as part of our sales work, wherefore it is free of charge and without any obligation for either party.

Conceptual Design

In connection with the variety of projects that AQUA-TEKNIK has been dealing with for the past 30 years, we have acquired an extensive knowledge to all technical aspects, but also to all operational and the business issues, which, in the initial phase of a project, is an important aspect – and in many occasions the basis for a project to come to live and materialize.

In connection with water park projects such as fun parks, competition pools and traditional swimming facilities, who want to attract guests with special effects, AQUA-TEKNIK is able to design and visualize a basis concept, with option of various facilities to any potential project.

We have developed a special design concept for safety training facilities, where our experience from the swimming world is combined with our experience as acrylic and concrete contractors, which is supplemented with special equipment for helicopter diving, hoisting from water,  life raft training and wind tower rappelling.

Our experience is available to all clients, no matter if the project starts to develop from scratch or if a client only wants a second opinion or input in general.


AQUA-TEKNIK is offering engineering competencies, and is quoting for worldwide projects on basis of Fidic ‘Design and Build’ conditions, or on basis of any national regulations. No matter if traditional tender documents are available or if AQUA-TEKNIK is asked to take a functional responsibility for a project, our organization and economical background is geared for this.

The engineering in connection with the actual water treatment has been developed over 30 years, and AQUA-TEKNIK is familiar with all relevant water treatment principles, in the line of the business we work with. Basically all engineering work is documented with flow diagrams, as well as plan, or 3D cross cut drawings.

In certain cases, the flow will be verified via CFD modelling to ensure correct and sufficient flow. Particularly in connection with prevention of algae growth on acrylic panels, this is an important issue.

Furthermore, calculations for bearing systems, and calculation of pressure loss in piping systems are offered.

Energy optimization in general is a natural part of any engineering performance made by AQUA-TEKNIK. Suggestion to optimal solution can, in all cases, be expected from us.


Pre-fabrication of water treatment sections at AQUA-TEKNIK premises will start any installation performance, in order to shorten the installation period onsite. Certain PVC components are own production and always in stock, which is also the case for PVC and PE fittings.

During the last 5 years, a large part of installations have been prescribed as PE welding due to environmental issues, and AQUA-TEKNIK has in-house equipment to perform PE welding.

Since the traditional PVC gluing is involving safety issues, AQUA-TEKNIK will in all cases issue so-called APV at the construction site and secure that all precautions are taken in relation to other workers on site, and to ensure that correct safety equipment is used.

Through the quality assurance system, it is ensured, that all relevant documentation is available and every function on site is carried out according to detailed plans and drawings.

For certain overseas facilities, the water treatment systems are built up completely at AQUA-TEKNIK workshop, whereafter it is demounted and packed as container loads.

All installation projects will be managed by an AQUA-TEKNIK project manager, and depending on the location, local fitters will be involved.

In connection with commissioning and hand over of any project, AQUA-TEKNIK will, during an extensive educational program, make sure that the representative of the client is in possession of operation- and maintenance manual and fully familiar with the facility.

Furthermore, AQUA-TEKNIK is offering to take care of operation in an agreed period.


AQUA-TEKNIK is offering service agreements, covering all types of water treatment systems, domestic or international systems.

Additionally, service of offshore and marine water treatment equipment is offered.

All relevant equipment is in stock and well-equipped service vans are in operation.

AQUA-TEKNIK is running a 24 hrs. hotline service to our clients in connection with ordering spare parts or service/repair of equipment. Furthermore, the service is of course covering general technical advice to clients as well.