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Europas største pingvinanlæg

Lørdag d. 02. april 2022 blev det 6.000 m2 store, flotte hjem for Givskud Zoos nye, sydamerikanske beboere indviet.

71 Humboldtpingviner, er de lykkelige nye beboere i det nyetablerede, store anlæg, som med sine 6.000 m2 indtager pladsen som Europas største pingvinanlæg. Det store anlæg kan rumme helt op til 200 legesyge og nysgerrige pingviner.

Fokus på autentisk miljø for både pingviner og gæster
Anlægget er opført med udgangspunkt i at skabe et autentisk miljø, der emmer af Humboldtpingvinernes hjemstavn, samt at skabe en autentisk oplevelse for de mange besøgende i Givskud Zoo.  

Anlægget er derfor opført med et stort bølgebassin, der er i stand til at simulere havets naturlige bevægelser og strømme, og bassinets vandkant er etableret således, at den minder om pingvinernes habitat langs de sydamerikanske kyster.





Even though it has been a while since we finalized the project, we are still very excited about the prestigious project 'The new Roskilde Badet', where Aqua-Teknik was chosen as contractor for the entire project's water treatment systems.

And we believe that no one should miss this great 'appetizer' which provides a brief glimpse inside the spectacular swimming facility.  

Every pool in this video, Aqua-Teknik has been involved in – even the older pools from the former 'Roskilde Badet', as Aqua-Teknik was also chosen as water treatment contractor back in 2001 where Roskilde Badet was established. 


The beginning of a new year always means the beginning of new, interesting projects. However, this does not mean that we are not already engaged in ongoing and at least as exciting projects as well. Among these projects is the impressive, sustainable and future-proof 'Arenakvarterets Skole og Svømmehal', in which we are cooperating with the talented general contractor of the project, BAM Danmark.

Aqua-Teknik as Contractor for Water Treatment Systems and Pool Equipment 
We are very excited about our role as contractor for the complete water treatment systems as well as the entire range of pool equipment for the swimming facility of the new innovative, universal construction containing a multi-track school and, of course, a large swimming facility. But now that our skilled project department has done their magic and soon completed the planning process, we cannot wait to get started with the installation phase and see this spectacular, multipurpose construction take shape. 

DGNB Gold Certification
Besides being an aesthetical impressive building, 'Arenakvarterets Skole og Svømmehal' is also a product of the spirit of the times, where concepts like 'innovation', 'sustainability' and 'future-proof' are impossible to avoid in the context of today's construction projects. 

Once completed, 'Arenakvarterets Skole og Svømmehal' will receive the prestigeous DGNB-gold certificate, which means that every stage in the project has been and is based on the following DGNB criteria: 1. Environmental quality, 2. Economic quality, 3. Sociocultural and functional quality, 4. Technical quality, 5. Process quality and 6. Site quality.

Facts about 'Arenakvarterets Skole og Svømmehal'


Water Art and Fountains are one of Aqua-Teknik's several core competences in the field of Water Treatment. However, year 2020 has definateley been THE year of Water Art in Aqua-Teknik.

Among the various spectacular Water Art Projects that we are involved in, Aqua-Teknik was the main contractor of 'Musikbassinet' in front of 'Musikhuset Esbjerg', which was developed in collaboration with the world-famous Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

Please find more information about the exciting projects that both 'Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen' and 'BIG' are involved in, by clicking the pictures below.




The beginning of the Danish reunification  
On November 17, 1918 the former politician and leading figure in the Danish reunification, Hans Peter Hanssen, gave a speech and proclaimed the 'Aabenraa Resolution' from the balcony of 'Folkehjem' to the 3000 people gathered in front of the historic building, which was the center of important political assemblies during the process of the Danish reunification.

The speech was the beginning of the referendum on February 10, 1920, which resulted in the reunification of Southern Jutland with Denmark.

Among the audience were women whose men were deployed for the World War I, as well as deserted young men and soldiers on Military leave, who attended illegally in the event in front of 'Folkehjem' on November 17, 1918.

The focal point of celebration 
The area in front of 'Folkehjem' was the focal point of the reunification festivities in 1920. However, the post-war planning turned the symbolic square into a parking lot after the end of World War I.

A significant monument and an urban oasis 
In connection with the centenary of the reunification of Denmark, the former square of celebration has undergone a transformation and is now called 'Genforeningsparken' (The Reunification Park). 
The park will not only be a symbol of the historical reunification, but will also function as a public, urban oasis.

Aqua-Teknik are very proud to be a part of, and to make this symbolic project and significant monument possible. The park is intended to function as an attraction and a social free-space for tourists as well as the diverse citizens of Aabenraa.

The inauguration of 'Genforeningsparken' will take place on June 15, 2020, which is the 100th anniversary of the official Danish reunification.


Historic outdoor swimming facility is being restored in its original expression from the past - and renovated with water treatment systems of the future

In 1958, one of the first outdoor swimming facilities in Denmark, the so-called 'Vestbad', was inaugurated - to great excitement among the citizens of the local community in Rødovre and Brøndby municipality.

As the architectural facility soon became a social hub for a continuous growing number of visitors, the facility simultaneously began to suffer from wear and tear - especially in recent years, the facility was clearly marked by the fact that it has been frequently visited.

So, the 60-year-old facility needed a radical makeover which is exactly, what it is having right now.

The balance between new technology and original expression 
The idea is to bring back the beauty of youth into the outdoor facility but still maintain the well-known original expression from 1958, designed by former city architect, Børge T. Lorenzen.

Beneath the surface of the beauty, the water treatment system of the facility is undergoing an extensive overhaul. But in contrast to the superficial restoration in the original expression, the renovation of the water treatment systems contains a modern and much more efficient water treatment technology compared to before. A system, that complies with todays' stricter standards for water quality.

And this is where Aqua-Teknik comes into the picture. We namely have the honor of installing 'Vestbadet' with brand new, complete water treatment systems - and transforming the worn-out water treatment systems into automatically controlled systems, which will save the facility from significant operational costs.  

The development of water treatment technology has since the facility's opening in 1958 been rapidly growing due to growing concern and stricter regulations in terms of environment.   Therefore, the water treatment systems are installed with the water treatment filtration system, Defender Filter, as the filters save massive amounts of water, energy and chemicals. Furthermore, Defender Filter requires minimum space as well as operational time. These are just some of the benefits associated with the new filtration systems of Vestbadet.  

The reopening of Vestbadet is expected to take place in late summer 2019.

The iconic Vestbadet is designed by the city architect, Børge T. Lorenzen. The original expression from 1958 will remain unchanged.

The characteristic V-shaped diving tower has over the years faded due to corrosion damage and wear. The diving tower will of course maintain its original expression during the restoration, as it is one of the main landmarks of Vestbadet.

One of the main distinguishing features of Vestbadet, is the colorful water sculpture called 'Hønen'. The sculpture in the center of the spiral-shaped water playground was designed and created by landscape architect, Carl Th. Sørensen and garden architect, Junggren Have.

During winter 2019, the basins were covered by large, heated tents while the restoration of the pools were carried out. This was necessary in order to prevent the cold and frost from damaging pipes and components in the basins


Based on an extremely tight time schedule with no longer than 7 weeks to accomplish 3 complete water treatment systems, Aqua-Teknik is currently working hard to complete an extensive project in 'Skærbækcentret' - a big leisure center in Southern Jutland.

The project consists of designing, engineering and installation of three complete water treatment systems, additional swimming facility equipment for competition and amusement, as well as complete lining work.

As the time for installing the project is limited to just 7 weeks, planning and quality assurance in every link of the installation process, including logistics and on-site storage / accessibility of material and components, have been essential aspects.  

We are completing the project just a few days before Christmas, and we are looking forward to delivering the upgraded facility with the best water treatment system, providing both crystal clear water and a whole lot of savings on energy, water and chemicals.

As the project is completed for Christmas, the facility is an obvious place for the bathing guests to spend some time with their loved ones during the Christmas holidays.

We are very excited to welcome a new year with lots of new Projects and challenges, and with this in mind, Aqua-Teknik wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

All three water treatment systems are installed with Defender Filter - energy efficient water treatment.

Our sense of structure, order and quality is reflected in everything we do, including our workplace on-site.



In week 41, AQUA-TEKNIK initiated water treatment projects for the following clients at three different locations in Denmark:

During the next weeks and months, AQUA-TEKNIK are installing new, complete water treatment systems for the different facilities with various purposes. This week, the facilities were provided with key components.

Defender filters are installed for each one of the projects initiated in week 41. The above picture is from the activity facility 'Grønningen Brønderslev', which has a therapy pool.

Only the best water quality is good enough for the visitors of the therapy pool at 'Grønningen Brønderslev', wherefore this excellent filtration system was chosen.

The therapy pool will already be available for the visitors of the facility again in week 47.


We are proud to announce, that AQUA-TEKNIK is the main contractor for the water treatment system of the popular swimming facility, Roskilde Badet, in connection with the renovation and expansion of the facility.  

For many years, the renewal of the facility has been on the drawing board and is now to be realized.

AQUA-TEKNIK is responsible for the design, delivery and installation of the complete water treatment system for all of the new pools, consisting of:

The facility is expected to be completed and open for exciting swimming guests by the beginning of 2019.




AQUA-TEKNIK was chosen as main contractor for the water treatment system of the prestigious project ‘Vestre Fjordpark’, which is currently in progress.

A part of the future Vestre Fjordpark is presently a famous outdoor swimming facility in Aalborg, used by approximately 80.000 people on an annual basis. However, the facility needed renewal, and it was decided to make a radical transformation in order to attract even more residents and tourists to the so-called “recreational crown jewel of Aalborg”. Therefore, the facility will not only contain a modernized outdoor swimming area, but will function as an experience center with opportunity for windsurfing, canoeing, kayaking and other outdoor activities as well.

The 165.000 square meters experience center is ready for inauguration in the spring 2017, when Aalborg hosts the great DGI dance event.





Aqua-Tekniks rolle
Aqua-Tekniks rolle i det storslåede projekt, har været alt lige fra rådgivning og projektering, samt levering og installation af det komplette, biologiske vandbehandlingsanlæg (Life Support System) for pingvinernes bølgebassin, der rummer hele 900.000 liter / 900 m3 vand. 

Et vandbehandlingsanlæg med mange funktioner
Vandbehandlingsanlægget for pingvinbassinet er projekteret og installeret med flere forskellige principper inden for vandfiltrering, da det skal kunne filtrere alt lige fra pingvinfjer og fiskeben til alger og mikroorganismer. 

Anlægget består derfor af både filtreringsprincipper, der grovsorterer større, uønskede genstande fra pingvinbassinet, samt filtreringsmetoder der finfiltrerer det i forvejen grovbehandlede vand yderligere.

Derudover er det biologiske vandbehandlingsanlæg udstyret med et fuldautomatisk genanvendelsesanlæg, der reducerer skyllevandsforbruget markant, og som dermed bidrager til et mere miljøvenligt og bæredygtigt vandbehandlingsanlæg.

Høje krav til vandkvaliteten
Udover at have fokus på pingvinernes trivsel, stilles der store krav til bassinets vandkvalitet og dermed vandbehandlingen, da sigtbarheden i bassinet skal være yderst god for at opnå den ultimative sigtbarhed i vandet, som er en forudsætning for, at de forventningsfulde besøgende kan opleve pingvinerne under vandoverfladen.